A Beginner Friendly Comprehensive Guide to Installing and Using A Safer Anonymous Operating System

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Version 1.5.2
April, 2017
The PDF and HTML version of all versions of this guide are released in the public domain.

NOTE: January 18, 2018. All versions of this guide are obsolete due to dead links and other issues. Version 1.5.3 shall be available within the next 14 days.

Update: March 20, 2018. Version 1.6.0Beta4 testing almost complete. Final public version likely to be released in next 2-4 days.

Update: March 23, 2018. An issue with email registration appeared since 1.6.0.beta4 was released. 1.6.0.beta5 to be available to testers in next few days.

Update: April 5, 2018. Tor Messenger has been discontinued. Email registrations with VFEmail are still problematic. The release of the new version of the guide may be delayed until the release of Whonix 14.

Update: May 4, 2018. The release of the new guide will be delayed until Whonix 14 is completed.